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We offer the job-seeking partner support by:

√  Delivering them advance talent assessments and giving them strategic feedback to better understand and position themselves in the new country's business environment

√  Helping them figure out their long and short term goals and motivations and how to differentiate themselves from other job candidates

  Guiding their preparation of personal business, marketing and action plans

  Motivating them to sharpen their strengths and improve their skills

√  Assisting with preparation of impressive professional documents

√   Increasing their engagement and visibility in social media and networking activities

√  Preparing them for job interviews, including challenging rehearsals

Corporate, Coaching, Career, Lausanne
Corporate, Coaching, Career, Lausanne

Our tools:

360 and 180 assessments

We help your talent pool members to:


  Generate their personal development plans in line with company objectives

  Feel empowered in the workplace​

  Sharpen their strengths

  Achieve proficiency in the required competencies

  Close skill gaps

  Connect their skills to business needs

ProjectYOU™ for Talent Pool

ProjectYOU™ for Partner/Spouse

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