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Change is anything that moves you outside of your comfort zone.

Depending on your point of view, change can be for the better (graduating school and looking for that first big opportunity) or the worse (fired from

work and feeling terrible about it). It can also fall somewhere in between,

where we accept that there can be some interesting, exciting, or challenging things coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Everyone’s adjustment period to change is unique. It is easiest for those

who are flexible in their approach in different circumstances at life and

work, but can be devastating for people who are unable to let go. Change can be awkward at first, but like being propelled into a steep turn on a

roller coaster, it can also be exhilarating. It can motivate you to do your

absolute best. During change, time can seem to move very slowly for the

reluctant, but it can be a whirlwind for those who are ready for it.

Change is needed if we are unhappy with where we are, when old practices or processes no longer work, or when a job no longer exists. It can be like pulling a new sweater on over your head; for a moment you cannot see, but

you know you will feel warm and comfortable once you can get your head

out of the hole.

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